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Lords passes amendments to Deregulation Bill

Section 21 Notice Important Changes…….After a lengthy debate detailing many technicalities, the House of Lords passed the amendments to the Deregulation Bill which means that sooner, rather than later, “revenge evictions” will be illegal. The changed Bill will now have to go through the House of Commons and to be signed off by Royal Assent.…

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Property Redress Scheme Guides on ‘unfair agent fees’

The Property Redress Scheme, one of three official redress schemes for letting agencies, has set out two guidance notes for agents regarding fees.In a report issued by the PRS last month it was revealed that of the complaints about agent members raised with the scheme, the most common grievance involved unfair or excessive fees being…

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A first – French to beat UK home occupier ownership

It will be historically a first as falling UK home ownership levels means that France comes out on top. The data supplied by Eurostat reports that in 2014, the UK’s proportion of  home owner occupiers is lower than France’s. This is the first time that this has occurred since the data was started to be…

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