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Right to Rent applies to all Landlords

As of 1st February 2016 Right to Rent checks must be carried out on all new tenants.  The Immigration Bill 2014 set out new legal requirements for Landlords.  All Landlords are required to check and keep evidence that their tenant or lodger can legally rent a residential property in England – this is their Right…

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As part of our Legionella Risk Assessments we also look at any potential breaches in Water Regulations Act 1999. This is to help protect Landlords & Letting Agents against breaches which could lead to fines and to help protect tenants health & safety. One of the most common breaches we see is on combi boiler…

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Scalding vs Legionella Control

One of the most common issues we see whilst carrying out Legionella Risk Assessments is water that is too hot.  One of the key control measures for stored hot water is to ensure it is stored at a temperature of 60°C.  It should then be distributed to the hot water outlets at over 50°C  within 1 minute.…

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