Legionnaires Disease – The Consequences

If one of your tenants is unlucky enough to contract Legionnaires Disease because you have not implemented the required control measures this can destroy the rest of their lives.

If they survive the disease, 10-15% will die, the rest can go on to suffer for the rest of their life.  Not only will they endure weeks, if not months, in hospital in pain, some people require life support during which time their friends and family have no idea if they will survive.

Even then the suffering is not over, long term symptoms can include:

  • Memory loss - some sufferers no longer know their own family
  • Kidney failure - requiring dialysis or a transplant
  • Long term care - symptoms mean independent living is no longer possible

As a Landlord you can help to prevent this from happening by instructing WendyHouse Property Services to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment and implementing any control measures we recommend.

The tenant may be in a position to claim compensation against you the Landlord if you have failed to meet your legal duties which could be thousands of pounds.  Click here to read some survivors quotes