What Makes a Good Inventory?

sampleA Property Inventory should be accurate, unbiased, up to date and laid out in a tidy manner. Ideally the inspection will take place during daylight hours as artificial light can make some damage difficult to see.  Photographs should be clearly labelled to ensure they can be easily cross referenced with the text.  Photographs should not be relied upon on their own but are there to supplement the written Inventory.

We would always advise that the Inventory Clerk is the last person to enter the property before the tenants ensuring no changes to the property occur making the Inventory inaccurate.

An Inventory should be prepared by someone completely independent so in the event of a dispute the arbitrator can be assured of complete objectivity.  For that reason at we do not clean properties if we have been instructed to undertake an Inventory.

To view an example of a WendyHouse Services Inventory click on the Sample Image.

Why use a Professional Inventory Clerk?

Tenancy deposit protection schemes do not disregard, out of hand, an Inventory that are not prepared by a professional Inventory Clerk. However, they are likely to place less weight on their contents. It may also be necessary for a landlord to provide more corroborating evidence to show the condition of the property than would normally be required if the process was carried out by professional Inventory Clerk. It must be robust and defensible if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts and therefore viewed as acceptable by an adjudicator or Court.

Saving You Stress and Hassle

Using a professional Inventory Clerk can save you time not only in the preparation of the Inventory but also in the event of a dispute.   Having all of the paperwork prepared correctly in the first place will save you stress & hassle at a time when you need it most.  Remember in the event of a dispute you only get one chance to provide your evidence so it needs to be right first time.

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